The First Week of Release of Our Book

Pressing the Go Button - The First Week of Release of Our Book

It was an incredibly nervy time releasing our book. We knew that we had a great product and are delighted the illustrations really back up the story. Unsure of how the world would react to our new book we felt a little anxious as to how people would perceive our story.

Only by actually pressing the Go Button would we actually know. The first week of release of our book has been a fantastic experience. From, actually selling a few hundred books and getting feedback from the first few have read the book. 


We even got invited onto a podcast in the USA which was a great experience and has meant that we have the opportunity to approach more people. I would definitely say that podcasts are a good way to spread more brand awareness of your book to a wider audience and is a good way to keep marketing your book.

Customer Reviews

We have had many 5* reviews since our release last week, which we are delighted with. As with any book or product release it is imperative to get customer feedback to backup your marketing efforts.

Going Global

The book has also been sold into Australia, India, USA, Germany and across the UK. We are delighted that this has happened and hope that we are able to keep spreading to other countries and more people can get on board with reading our story to their children.

Second Book?

I am delighted to also announce that after the successful release of our first book, we are going to do a second and possibly a third. We are already busy marketing this book but are also getting ready to add two other books to the series. We really hope the next book will be released in the second half of 2021!