Hydrophil Lavender Soap

Hydrophil Lavender Soap

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This lavender soap cleanses body, hands and hair. It is made from the finest oils (olive, coconut and sunflower) and shea butter. Above all, the smell is just above fresh. Besides, it is ICADA certified, palm oil free and has organic ingredients. Also, it is biodegradable, suitable for body and hair and also handmade.

Hydrophil Lavender soap

  • lemongrass soap
  • ICADA certification
  • made from organic ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil and shea butter
  • handmade in Germany
  • vegan
  • water neutral
  • fair
  • comes in a cardboard package, therefore sustainable
  • eco friendly


ICADA certification Hydrophil lavender soap

Also, both the lemongrass soap as well as the lavender soap (and the Hydrophil lip balm) come with an ICACA certification.